Friday, July 24, 2009

How to use GoodSync Keygen (step by step guide)

How to use GoodSync Keygen

Goodsync is a wonderful software and reliable software to sync between several computers or portable HD and even flash drives.

When you use the keygen you get this message Please enter your complete 10-digit Order ID or your Order Code in the XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX format.

Goodsync Keygen step by step guide

Disclaimer: "We do not encourage piracy nor provide help to cracking software. The best way to get a software is to buy the license. This tutorial shall only be used for educational purposes only. And ofcouse you try this at your own risk, if you don't know what you are doing exactly, then this is not for you and don't use it "

I will not be providing any links to download the software or the keygen, though people can easily find their ways using some torrent search. And obviously, you being here, resembles that you have already got the software and the keygen but failed to apply.

Let us get into business:
1- install the goodsync package as you normally do and follow the instructions.
2- go to and select ActivatePro
3- you get following screen:
- select the second option, as illustrated
- type any name and 1234567890 (or any 10 figures will do the job)
- clik next

4- you will get the folowing screen,

5- Now, go and use your goodsync keygen, open it and click on the generate button. you will have one key only displayed. Remember, to dismiss this app, you just press the ESC button.

6- copy the key generated from thegoodsync keygen and pase it inside the activation code blank area and click next.

If this helped you, kindly consider using the links around to support.

7- nothing, enjoy goodsync, and remember to get your legitimate copy by buying the application from their owners.

Hope this was helpful and educational to you.